Core Team

Who is building SKALE Network?

SKALE Network is an open source Web3 platform intended to bring speed and configurability to blockchain. SKALE Network is the project by N.O.D.E. Foundation - the Liechtenstein Foundation that aims to advance development of Web3 technologies and make decentralized web more user friendly and accessible for developers, validators, and end users.

N.O.D.E. Foundation partners with SKALE Labs, and other top entities and investors around the world to facilitate development of SKALE Network.

SKALE Labs is the core team involved in creating the technology specs, creating the code, and growing use and awareness of the network. SKALE Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Stan Kladko, PhD

Co-Founder / CTO

Stan eats, breathes, and sleeps decentralization and cryptography. Prior to making it his life mission to help scale the blockchain, he spent many years attaining his PhD in Physics, spent 16+ years as a technology executive in Silicon Valley and has 18 years of cryptography experience. His resume includes Physics at Max Planck Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Stanford. SunMicrosystems Java Virtual Machine team, early 2000's Crypto start-ups Ingrian Networks and The Crypto Lab, co-founder of Cloudessa and Galactic Exchange prior to starting SKALE. He is also an active member and contributor to the Ethereum Research Foundation.

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Jack O'Holleran

Co-Founder / CEO

Jack's passion for decentralized systems and blockchain led him to join efforts with Stan to solve the blockchain scalability problem. He is a veteran Silicon Valley Technology entrepreneur with a deep background in machine learning/AI technologies, and blockchain. His resume includes co-founder of Aktana, co-founder IncentAlign, and executive positions at Good Technology, and Motorola. His first work with Digital Currencies was in 2008 building a digital currency platform for Enterprise Resource Allocation. He has been an active Cryptocurrency investor and an evangelist for decentralized systems since early 2013.

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Alex Sheverdin


Artem Payvin


Chadwick Strange

VP Product

Christine Perry

VP Solutions Engineering

Conner Murphy

Manager of BD and Strategy

Dima Litvinov

Developer, PhD

Dmytri Tkachuk


Dmytro Nazarenko


Dmytro Stebaiev

VP Technology

Ebru Engwall

Director of Solutions Engineering

Ganna Kulikova

Project Manager

Ivan Popovich


Jace Bachi

Solutions Engineer

John Frost

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Julia Timchenko


Marcos Sanchez

Head of Communications

Nata Sheverdina

Solutions Engineering and Operations

Natalie Yu


Oleg Nikolayev


Oleksandr Salamatov

QA Engineer

Oleksandr Sydorenko

QA Engineer

Ryan Levy

VP Business Development

Sergiy Lavrynenko

Director Engineering

Solene Feuillu

Business Development

Spring Dunn

Director of Marketing

Vadim Yavorsky


Yevhen Zherdzitskyi

Director of Quality Assurance