The SKALE community takes security bugs seriously to ensure the security of the SKALE Network.


    SKALE Network has a privacy policy page that discloses what information may be collected and how it is used. For any specific questions, please contact [email protected]

    Vulnerability Reporting

    The SKALE Network appreciates any effort to discover and disclose security vulnerabilities responsibly.

    If you would like to report a vulnerability in one of SKALE Network's products or have any security concerns with SKALE Network software, please e-mail [email protected].

    For non-critical matters, please open a ticket with the appropriate product. In order to best investigate your request, please include any of the following when reporting:

    • Proof of concept

    • Any tools, including versions used

    • Tool output

    The community takes disclosures very seriously and will rapidly respond and verify the vulnerability before taking the necessary steps to fix it. After the initial reply to a disclosure, which should be directly after receiving it, the security team will periodically update you with the status of the fix.

    To report an issue using PGP-encrypted email, the security team pubkey fingerprint is: 231A E72B 369B 264B

    curl | gpg --import

    Contact Us

    You can contact the team directly about any security issues at [email protected].