Starting Today Thursday March 11, 9AM $SKL began trading in all Coinbase and Coinbase pro’s supported jurisdictions (Original announcement).

If you are new to SKALE or want a refresher, you may want to explore this curated list of articles to give you a solid background.  Think of it as your SKALE 101 course in a series of 7 pieces. It’s probably best to read them in order, but feel free to bounce around. When you’re ready, we'll have a deeper dive series of articles we'll post soon.  

Hopefully that provides a solid foundation of understanding of the SKALE Network. If you want to keep abreast of the latest, the SKALE core team publishes new blog posts here: and if you want to see our press coverage go here: If you’re interactive and want to have somewhere to actively learn and ask questions, please join us on social media: Twitter @skalenetwork TG @skaleofficial or for technical questions Discord