Berlin Blockchain Week is just a few days away. With over 100 events to choose from, it is of course impossible to be everywhere. We’ve put together a list of events that you should definitely have on your radar.

Berlin Blockchain Week is a 12-day community-organized gathering that embodies both the spirit of the industry and the fun festival culture of the host city. In true Berlin form, it approaches ecosystem and community-building with the promise of a great time of blockchain and beer.

August 18 (Sunday) | Stack Zero Sessions

Berlin Blockchain Week kicks off in force with Stack Zero Sessions that will feature meaningful discussion on pertinent questions surrounding privacy and open systems.

August 19 to 21 (Monday - Wednesday) | Web3 Summit  

The second day is a packed one for SKALE, with the start of the Web3 Summit. The Summit is a 3-day event focused on advancing the Web3 tech stack towards the development of the decentralized web.

On August 19, SKALE VP of Product Chadwick Strange will be speaking in two whiteboarding sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The first one is on PoS consensus at 10 am, and the other at 1 pm is on running EVM/Solidity on sidechains, highlighting innovations like on-chain storage, asynchronous Proof-of-Stake consensus, interchain messaging, and tokenless transactions.

SKALE is also supporting a systems design hacker node at the Web3 Summit at Funkhaus Berlin.

August 19 to 20 (Monday - Tuesday) | Council of the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians will convene its Main Council on August 19 during the community conference, MetaCartel Demo Day, at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). There will also be individual ring meetings the following day at the Web3 Summit. The Magicians Berlin Council is dedicated to talking about Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), and other topics and problems in the Ethereum ecosystem. This spreadsheet shows the specific points of discussion.

August 21 to 23 (Wednesday - Friday) | DappCon

DappCon is another major conference during the Berlin Blockchain Week. It will bring together developers engaged in building decentralized applications and infrastructure on Ethereum. This will also be held at TU Berlin.

August 21 (Wednesday) | DAI Dappy Hour

In the evening of the first day of DappCon, several projects will get together at Room 77 for DAI Dappy Hour. Room 77 is one of the first businesses to accept crypto payments, and attendees can buy beer with DAI as they settle into a hearty conversation about P2P electronic cash, DeFi, state channels, and more.

August 21 to 25 (Wednesday - Sunday) | ETHBerlin Conference and Hackathon

The ETHBerlin Conference will be on August 21 and 22 at DappCon. This is followed by a Hackathon at Factory Görlitzer Park until the 25th.

SKALE is one of the major sponsors of the ETHBerlin Hackathon. On August 23, our VP of Product, Chadwick Strange, will facilitate a workshop on scaling EVM dApps on SKALE. We have prepared 6 prizes totaling €4,000 for the best dApps deployed to or using SKALE. The core team will be there to provide support.

Past hackathons at ETHDenver, ETHParis and ETHNewYork have been very successful and have seen SKALE become a favorite Execution Layer solution. SKALE is intent on making each hackathon better, with ETHBerlin being next in line. We look forward to all the creative hacks and ideas that will come out of it!

August 26 to 29 (Monday - Thursday)

There is no officially scheduled activity on August 26, which makes this an ideal rest day for participants to simply enjoy the city or engage with other projects. Then there is a coding meetup the next day at Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH.

The Berlin Blockchain Week wraps up on August 29 with two conferences on the changing nature of open source (see our views on the topic here) and on the security of smart contracts platforms, respectively.

SKALE is excited to go to the “Athens on the River Spree,” a city that even today champions decentralization and progress—values we proudly share. If you’re interested in meeting with the SKALE team, join our Discord or our Telegram group, and we will be happy to chat or meet you in person.