This year has seen SKALE literally going places—from the U.S., Paris, and Berlin in the West to Shanghai, Korea and Japan in the East. Still, SKALE Network is headquartered in San Francisco and it is exciting to have the opportunity to spend time here with more than 350 other blockchain projects for the SF Blockchain Week.

Are you planning on attending and/or checking out SFBW? Here is an overview tour of the Week’s main events.

October 28 to 29 (Monday - Tuesday) | The CryptoEconomics Security Conference (CESC)

The conference is hosted by Dekrypt Capital, Blockchain at Berkeley, Prysm Group, and Noris. CESC has become among the most important avenues for sharing research output on cryptoeconomics—a relatively new field of study focused on the science underlying the “design and characterization of” the protocols “that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in a decentralized digital economy[,]” as Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir would define it.

Cryptoeconomics has emerged as a formal discipline since the launch of the very first such game-theoretic decentralized protocol, Bitcoin, and the corresponding cryptocurrency that serves as its network incentivization mechanism. A decentralized network would not be sustainable if its internal economy was badly designed. There is much room for rigorous academic discourse and research on this topic, and CESC provides a great opportunity for peer interaction, recognition, knowledge-transfer, and cooperation between and among engineers and scholars in the field.

The event highlights how the open source and the academic research traditions are, in many ways, weaved from the same spirit of openness and unselfish dedication to the advancement of society as a whole. Speakers and presenters are invited or selected after a ‘Call for Papers,’ in true academic fashion. They come from different backgrounds—graduate students, university professors, developers, Vitalik Buterin, industry consultants, founders and C-suites. CESC will take place in the Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley.


At the end of CESC on October 29, SKALE and The Graph cordially invite you to San Francisco's renown Maritime Wine Tasting Studio for SFBW Wine Flights. There is no better place to relax than at one of the most charismatic San Francisco wine bars. Enjoy an evening of drinks and appetizers, great music, and community bonding.

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October 31 to November 1 (Thursday - Friday) | The SF Blockchain Week Epicenter

SKALE at the start of Epicenter

At breakfast on the first day of the SF Blockchain Week Epicenter, October 31, you can first drop by and grab free hearty pancakes & mimosas and more at the Solana office just a couple of blocks from the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, where the Epicenter is to be held. SKALE CEO Jack O’Holleran will be there to do a live recording on Solana Podcast series.  

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The Epicenter is considered the main event of the SFBW. It brings together the leading blockchain projects, traditional enterprises, thought leaders, academics, developers, compliance experts and investors to network with each other, promote cooperative activities, exchange views on the present and map the future of decentralized ledger technologies and associated developments (like in DeFi, web3, IoT, etc.) from technology, regulatory and business perspectives. There are planned keynote speeches, industry talks, technical discussions, developer workshops, panel conversations, and fireside chats.

For detailed information on individual talks, you can look at the SFBW agenda. Tickets are available until the day before the event starts.

November 1 to November 3 (Friday - Sunday) | DeFi Hackathon

More than 400 hackers will be given three days to build decentralized financial products or transform legacy systems or tools by leveraging open source software and blockchain technology. The event comes with a prize pool worth at least $50,000 and winners are selected at the end of the event. This is a physical hackathon with on-site high intensity coding interspersed with mentoring and tech presentations. Their website contains lots of information for those who are interested in participating.

More Events

Aside from the core events above, the San Francisco Blockchain Week would not be complete without a whole range of related satellite events that will take you to different places in San Fran and make your stay even more memorable. This is to hoping you would also get to see the different landmarks in the area—from the congruity of the Painted Ladies to the “crookedness” of Lombard Street, and everything in between.

With so many interesting satellite events, there’s no choice but to mention only a few. Writing about all the events being organized around the SF Blockchain Week would give us a novel.

If you are the curious type, you can try signing up for Orchid’s October 29 “Follow the White Rabbit to Wonderland" Party.    

In the evening of October 30, both 0x and Chainlink will host their own meetup in parallel. Same time, different locations. Chainlink’s will happen at Galvanize San Francisco, which has a good reputation for having professional workspaces. The 0x meetup will be at B. Mori & Co. Supporters of both projects might be thinking it’s unfortunate one could not fork his or her body to attend both events!

SFBW VIPs attending the Epicenter on October 31 could walk over to Marriott Marquis Salon ½ for a VIP Lunch Meetup with Klaytn (Kakao’s Blockchain Initiative).

There are events for people of different interests. Whatever yours may be, we would love to have you for wine, pancakes and mimosas and live podcast with SKALE. You can bring a friend or three. It is always fun to spread the fun. 😊

See you in town during the San Francisco Blockchain Week!

If you’re interested in meeting with the SKALE team, join our Discord or Telegram group and we will be happy to chat or meet in person.