*This article is co-authored with SKALE Ambassador Program lead, Mark Atanacio.

The SKALE Ambassador Program launched mid-December 2020 when the core team opened the first-in-industry Ambassador Gamez. The Gamez have proven to be a remarkable mechanism for creating a very strong and devoted ambassador crew. In this post, we want to share with the community the ideas, results, and learnings that have made the Gamez truly memorable for everyone involved, and to welcome 22 exceptional individuals speaking 18 languages, who joined the SKALE extended team as Ambassadors.

The objective of the Ambassador Program is to have community leaders who will manage and educate language- or geography-based groups all around the world about the SKALE Protocol by localizing/creating content and organizing events. It kicked off with the start of the first SKALE Ambassador Gamez, the gamified ambassador selection process. The submissions for the Ambassador Gamez’ final activities—called Game Missionz—were received by the end of January. The whole process ran on schedule and has seen wide participation and great success.

There were around 500 sign ups. The participation rate was over 40% for Mission 1, over 65% for Mission 2, and over 85% for Mission 3. The Gamez were very competitive and of 500 participants, only 22 made it all the way through to join the Ambassador Crew — which is just 4.4% (acceptance rate to Harvard is 4.6%, for comparison).

The Ambassador Gamez was structured with 3 Game Missionz, and was designed to observe the following principles:

International and Diverse - Consistent with the goal of building and supporting SKALE communities in every part of the world and for all the major language groups, the Ambassador Gamez was set from the onset to have a very international character, with applicants from 46 countries and speaking 37 languages.

Educational - The Game Missionz were as much an educational tool as they are an assessment tool. SKALE Protocol Ambassadors were envisioned to be trusted community educators, so the SKALE Ambassador Gamez also served to educate the educators, preparing them for their future role.

Autonomous - Clear mission objectives, tasks, and duration were given, and the participants were given free reign on how to complete them.

Self-Driving - Instead of SKALE Labs doing all the assessing, there was also a Peer Review component where ambassadors rate each other.

Collaborative - All the participants stayed on one channel to get the opportunity to know each other and even help each other out.

The Ambassador Gamez was intended to spot possible future ambassadors who were:

Qualified - Mission 1 was a comprehensive quiz intended to test the applicants’ knowledge of the SKALE Protocol.

Skilled - Mission 1 has quiz items that assess how the participant would do in community management. Mission 2 checked for social media marketing skills, and the ability to educate and create written content. Mission 3 identified those who are good at making rich multimedia content. An ideal ambassador would have multiple skills and is exceptional in at least one or two areas.

Creative - Mission 3 (in fact, also Mission 2) showed how the participants can be very creative when helped to understand the goals of the mission tasks, without forcing them to conform to a pre-arranged mold.

Dedicated - The Ambassador Gamez had 3 Missionz with 2 of those each comprising multiple activities. It truly was a month and a half of successive activities, and those who have reached the end of Mission 3 truly are not just qualified and skilled, but also have outstanding dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to wanting to become SKALE community leaders and educators, and spread awareness worldwide.

Focused - The participants were constantly reminded that the role of the ambassadors is to lead and educate their communities about the SKALE Protocol. All those who eventually became ambassadors are focused on this charge and unswayed by distractions that are so common in crypto.

Have Initiative - Ambassadors should function even with minimal supervision and the Ambassador Gamez was autonomous, self-driving, and collaborative in order to identify the participants who also are.

Love SKALE - The Ambassador Gamez have brought out those who are motivated to go above and beyond what is expected of them mostly from just how much they love SKALE.


While for the most part, the Ambassador Gamez was wildly successful, there are some things that might have been underestimated in conducting such a big undertaking.

Time - When the participants are very talented, it’s hard to select who submitted the best output. It could take time to prepare everything for the start of the next Game Mission.

Lesson: Time should be generously put between stages, so that there is enough time for the organizers to comfortably work on preparing the next steps, and also for the participants to have enough breathing room in between activities. While planning, give what feels like enough downtime in between stages, and then add yet more time for good measure.

For the Ambassador Gamez, the Mission schedule only included starting dates, without giving any starting time. The flexibility this gives to do last minute adjustments is really tremendous.

Impromptu Decisions - Boxing heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, once said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." This shows how even the most carefully laid out plan can go haywire in the thick of things. For an undertaking like the Ambassador Gamez, with many moving parts, this is almost expected, and while it would have been less worrisome to be able to elevate issues and wait for others to make the decisions, that may not always be possible when pushing ahead on a tight schedule. The need to make impromptu decisions followed by rapid action have accompanied almost all stages of the Ambassador Gamez.

Lesson: Always be prepared to take decisive action and be able to shift gears on the move.

Sneak Peek into the Ambassadors

The biggest success of the Ambassador Gamez is in bringing together the 22 SKALE Protocol Ambassadors, speaking 18 languages, and now already leading and educating 15 SKALE international communities.

SKALE Africa https://t.me/SKALE_Africa

SKALE Arabic https://t.me/SKALE_AR

SKALE Chinese https://t.me/SKALE_CN (and on WeChat)

SKALE Finnish https://t.me/SKALE_FI

SKALE French https://t.me/SKALE_FR

SKALE German https://t.me/SKALE_DE

SKALE India https://t.me/SKALE_India

SKALE Indonesian https://t.me/SKALE_ID

SKALE Polish https://t.me/SKALE_PL

SKALE Russian https://t.me/SKALE_RU

SKALE Spanish https://t.me/SKALE_ESP

SKALE Sri Lankan https://t.me/SKALE_LK

SKALE Swedish https://t.me/SKALE_SWE

SKALE Turkish https://t.me/SKALE_TUR

SKALE Vietnamese https://t.me/SKALE_VN

The principles that guided the Ambassador Gamez reflect in the quality and character of the ambassadors. Look at what they’ve been doing not even a month from taking up the role.

Organizing and speaking at live events
Appearing on podcasts

The Ambassadors are on a roll!

Watch out for a future blog post where they are introduced.

Follow our ambassadors on the following Ambassador Twitter and Medium accounts:

SKALE Africa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkaleAfrica

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.africa

SKALE Arabic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArabicSkale

SKALE Chinese

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChineseSkale

SKALE French

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrenchSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.french

SKALE German

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GermanSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.german


Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndiaSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.india00

SKALE Indonesian

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndonesianSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.indonesian

SKALE Russian

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RussianSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.russian

SKALE Spanish

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpanishSkale

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.spanish

SKALE Sri Lankan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkaleSri

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.srilankan

SKALE Swedish

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkaleSwedish

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.swedish

SKALE Turkish

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.turkish

SKALE Vietnamese

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkaleVietnamese

Medium: https://medium.com/@skale.vietnamese