It's been an incredible 2021 by all standards, and the core team has been hard at work delivering all things SKALE Network.  We wanted to let you see what we've delivered since the beginning of the year. Of course you can also read through each of the blog posts :-)

In case you're wondering what it all amounts to, here's a quick recap:

13 Dapp/Partner announcements and CoinList exchange listings
Coinbase custody support
Debut in top 20 on StakingRewards
Messari Registry coverage of $SKL
Launch of Fuji Testnet
Speaking slot just after CZ @ Binance Blockchain Week
Product Roadmap rollout
2 Tech and Marketing updates
2 AMAs

We'll be continuing this pace for a while more as we establish SKALE as a major force in the Ethereum ecosystem. Over time we'll also begin to blend in more content, from technical quick takes, to in depth analysis, to interviews and podcasts. Stay tuned!