We believe in transparency and providing as much information as possible, which is why we started the Code & Dapps updates on youtube. There, every few weeks we talk about what we're working on, where things are at, and how that work is affecting the longer term roadmap. You can also see a summary of all our monthly work here https://github.com/skalenetwork/skale-network/tree/master/updates .

I'm now excited to share with the community the SKALE  2021 product roadmap. In it, we lay out where SKALE Labs is focusing over the year as we work on the SKALE Network.

Of note, one of the most important launches we'll do is the SKALE chains + IMA launch since it’s a highly integrated product. This is essentially the communication layer connecting SKALE chains, allowing the transfer of digital assets and calling of smart contracts across Elastic Sidechains. This will kick off a continual discovery process with customers and allow us to create even more robust functionality for developers.

Think of this as the basis of a living process and as things grow and user needs change, we will adapt when and where necessary. Thanks again for all your patience and I look forward to making the SKALE Network the backbone of Web3.