In today’s update:

• Product updates and an overview of SKALE public roadmap.

• $SKL is listed on Coinbase and Gemini.

• SKALE Network TVL  - $2.5B making SKALE one of the most well secured PoS projects

• SKALE is one of the top projects on Staking Rewards

• Token Holder AMA #3 is on Thursday, March 25. Sign up here and ask your questions. Best questions will earn you a SKALE tshirt!!

International Communities run by SKALE ambassadors are growing. In early April SKALE + Binance will start doing AMAs which Ambassador run communities will be a part of.

Episode resources:

Ethereum+SKALE Mutual Value Capture by Jack O’Holleran

Public SKALE Roadmap:

SKALE Chains technical demo:

SKALE communities around the world (16 languages and counting):

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About SKALE’s Code & Dapp updates

These are bi-weekly episodes on practical aspects of SKALE Network building. Each update is (around 10-12 mins) and features key SKALE code, product, integrations, developer relations, marketing, and much more.