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SKALE is launching Ambassador Gamez — an interplanetary adventure for those who want to join the SKALE Ambassador Crew and drive protocol education in their language and their community.

Ambassador Gamez (A/Gz) is a series of three collaborative missions to help SKALE find top ambassador talent in all countries and all languages. Winners of Ambassador Gamez will be invited to join the SKALE Ambassador Crew. Two of the three missions are incentivized with $SKL.

This is the first ever wave of A/Gz (Wave 1). SKALE plans to hold these Gamez twice a year to grow the ambassador crew and drive protocol education worldwide.

This article explains the fundamentals of the Ambassador Program, mechanics of the Gamez, calendar of key dates, and more. Read it in full — it will help you on your journey.

Registration for Ambassador Gamez Wave 1 closed on Dec 27. Registration for Wave 2 will open soon. Please stay tuned.

What will SKALE Ambassadors do

SKALE Ambassadors will help drive protocol education to communities worldwide and in their native languages by creating or localizing content, organizing events, doing community management, and helping to tell the world about the growth and development of SKALE Network, important code releases, integrations, ecosystem growth, launches, and so much more.

What is SKALE

SKALE is an elastic blockchain network that gives developers the ability to easily provision highly configurable, fully decentralized chains that are instantly compatible with Ethereum. SKALE chains can execute sub-second block times, run up to 2,000 TPS per chain, and run full-state smart contracts, support decentralized storage, execute Rollups, and machine learning in EVM.

SKALE is built to bring Ethereum to more than billion people.

SKALE will do this by providing a decentralized system in which each Ethereum dApp can run on its own fully Ethereum-integrated blockchain. Imagine if you're writing an email on Gmail and suddenly it becomes too slow and too expensive to use because there are lots of activity going on on Facebook. That would lead to a very bad user experience. It doesn't happen on Web2 because Google has its own server and Facebook has its own server. So similarly, the current system of having thousands of dApps share a single blockchain is untenable for supporting Web3. That's why SKALE offers each application and website its own blockchain (or they can even go multi-chain, as needed) for its storage, computation and other needs. This way, the SKALE Network serves as a decentralized cloud to power Web3. Because as they are now and by their very nature, the centralized cloud providers of today will not be what will power the decentralized web of tomorrow. SKALE is looking forward to having the decentralized Uber, decentralized Facebook, and decentralized Google on its blockchains.

SKALE Explainer Video:

Who should join

If you're an unwavering SKALE+ETH believer and decentralization maximalist, and have a background in or have the knowledge and skills to be a:

* Content Writer

* Community Manager

* Crypto Educator

* Crypto-savvy Translator

* Developer and Builder

* Content Creator

* Designer

* Digital Marketer

* Event Organizer

* Innovator

* Meme Master

* Technical Documentation Writer

* Thought Leader and Influencer

Game Missionz

The SKALE Protocol Ambassador Program is a global program that is open to anyone who can localize or create content of value that engages and resonates with people in specific language groups or geographical locations. The goal is to have ambassadors all over the world to help make sure that everyone, everywhere, speaking any language, will have a place in the SKALE global community.

SKALE is excited to host the Ambassador Gamez — an easy, efficient and fun onboarding process for Protocol Ambassadors. There will be 3 highly-competitive but incredibly stimulating and collaborative Missionz. Of those three, the last 2 are Incentivized Missionz, with the participating gamerz receiving SKL tokens for submitting all the mission requirements. A gamer needs to successfully pass the current mission to proceed to the next one.

Ambassador Gamez Registration

December 8 - 27

Gamerz Welcome Party

December 17

To kick off the Gamez, everyone is encouraged to attend the welcome party on Dec 17. SKALE CEO, Jack O'Holleran, and VP Marketing, Jenia Barkanova, are happy to get all the gamerz more acquainted with SKALE. The Protocol Ambassadors, as the community leaders, are expected to be very knowledgeable about all things SKALE. The welcome party gives you a chance to warm up, stretch your legs, and get ready for the start of the Ambassador Gamez.

Those who register for the Ambassador Gamez will receive the sign up form to attend the Gamerz Welcome Party.

It is best to catch the party live and interact with SKALE core team members, but a recording will be available to those who missed it or want to re-watch it.

UPDATE: You can find the recording on-demand here.

Mission 1: Protocol Quiz

Open from December 28 - 30

Mission Objective:

  • The SKALE Protocol Ambassadors would need to have and maintain a high degree of knowledge and understanding of the project. They have to learn as much as they can about SKALE and how it can scale Ethereum to Web 3 levels.
  • The ambassadors also need to know where to look for specific information in case they would need to check again or confirm first before sharing with their community.
  • This mission serves to assess your understanding of the project and gauge your ability to self-learn.
  • Resources (just to give a few examples): SKALE website & blog, whitepaper, primer, highlights, and other papers, press releases, GitHub and technical documentation, YouTube videos and podcasts SKALE appeared on.

Mission Description:

  • The first mission is a straightforward quiz about SKALE.
  • The link to the quiz will be shared via email and on Ambassador Gamez communication channels.
  • This mission is not incentivized. It is simply expected from those applying to become ambassadors to know what they are to become an ambassador for.

Mission 2: Crash course | Translation | Influencer gamez

January 2 - 11  ||  Submissions open from Jan 9 - 11

Mission 2: Peer Review

January 12 - 17  ||  Ratings submissions open from Jan 15 - 17

Everyone who has successfully passed Mission 1 will be invited to participate in Mission 2 by email.

Mission Objective:

  • SKALE is big on education, and among the main goals of the ambassador program is to bring SKALE protocol education all over the world and in different languages. Ambassadors need to be able to lay out and explain topics in a clear and concise manner.
  • ‘Teaching is learning twice,’ as the saying goes. This mission also reinforces the study gains from Mission 1.
  • It is imperative that you can reach, effectively connect and engage with, and be able to create or localize suitable, informative SKALE-related content for your audience.

Mission Description:

  • A single submission form for Activities 1 to 3 will be shared via email and on Ambassador Gamez communication channels. Submission opens from Jan 9 to 11.
  • There is a separate form for Activity 4 (Peer Review), which will be open for you to fill out from Jan 15 to 17.
  • This is an Incentivized Mission and all those who participate and satisfactorily complete all the activities will get US$200 in $SKL token rewards.
  • Mission 2 is made up of 4 activities:

Activity 1: Crash Course Content Preparation

  • Prepare content for a crash course like what you would share, for example, to educate someone new to SKALE.
  • The crash course should contain an overview of SKALE and 5 lessons you feel are the most important to cover.
  • The course does not need to be overly long. If it would take around 30 minutes to go through the prepared material — that is already of sufficient length.
  • It should be written in English.
  • This will pass through a plagiarism-check software. Do not submit a largely copy-pasted content. You should know enough about SKALE at this point to explain it “in your own words,” so to speak, and come up with your own content.
  • Even though your crash course needs to be, to a great degree, original content, it must include a lot of in-text embedded links that would lead readers to official sources of information released directly by SKALE Labs or the N.O.D.E. Foundation.

Activity 2: Translation of your Crash Course Content

  • Translate the Crash Course Content you did for Activity 1 into your own language.

Activity 3: Influencer Gamez

  • We would love to know how wide your social media reach is. Prepare a post on Twitter or Weibo with your own message and that links a specific SKALE announcement. SKALE will monitor the amount and quality of engagement your post gets.
  • If your social media reach is not that great yet, please still participate. This is not our only criteria. We want to hear from you.

Activity 4: Peer Review (Jan 12 - 17)

  • In the spirit of efficient decentralization, the translation of the crash course content (from Activity 2) would undergo peer review, where the gamerz themselves would rank each other’s translated course content submissions.
  • The details of the peer review mechanics will be shared via email and on Ambassador Gamez communication channels.
  • All active gamerz need to do peer review. Those who will not participate in the peer review process accept that non-participation waives any claim to Mission 2 token incentives. Incentivized Missionz only give out rewards to gamerz who complete all the activities in the mission—for Mission 2, that includes participating in peer review. Gamerz who do not participate in the peer review process for Mission 2 will also not be able to proceed to Mission 3.

Mission 3: Rich media content

January 20 - 30  ||  Submissions open from Jan 28 - 30

Everyone who has successfully passed Mission 2 will be invited to participate in Mission 3 by email.

Mission Objective:

  • While Mission 2 showcases, among others, your strength in creating original written content, Mission 3 highlights and tests your ability to create rich multimedia content.
  • This also presents a good opportunity for the SKALE team to get to know you more ahead of the interview call if you pass this mission.

Mission Description:

  • The submission form will be shared via email and on Ambassador Gamez communication channels.
  • This is an Incentivized Mission and all those who participate and satisfactorily complete all the activities will get US$200 in $SKL token rewards.
  • Mission 3 is made up of two activities. For Activity 1, select only one of the options — A or B, but not both.

Activity 1, Option A: YouTube Video with custom thumbnail

  • Make a 10 to 15-minute video about SKALE and upload it on YouTube (or a similar publicly-accessible video streaming site, but only if YouTube is not available in your country).
  • Create a custom thumbnail for the video. The thumbnail should not be a simple frame grab from the video. This is a chance to show off your graphic design skills.
  • You can find SKALE logo and brand guidelines in the Gamez Resources section below

Activity 1, Option B: GIFs, Memes, and Telegram Stickers

  • Create a Telegram sticker set with 10 stickers
  • Make 10 GIFs and 10 Memes
  • All these stickers, GIFs, and memes should be original content and about SKALE

Activity 2: Video Self-Introduction

  • Tell us more about yourself. Record a short video of yourself talking about who you are, what you do, what drives you, how you got into crypto, what you like about SKALE, what you think would make you a great SKALE Protocol Ambassador, etc, and upload it on YouTube (or another streaming site if YouTube is restricted in your country). This can be set as an Unlisted video.

Interview Calls

Those who have successfully passed all three missions will be invited for in-person video calls with the SKALE team as the last round. After an arrangement is reached, we’d love to formally welcome you to the ambassador crew. It has been quite an adventure, and it’s time for the gamer to become a protocol ambassador and a SKALE community leader in your part of the world and for your language.

All SKALE Protocol Ambassadors will earn $SKL tokens for their work in helping usher in the decentralized web and bringing SKALE+Ethereum to all corners of the world.

Ready to Play?

Registration for Ambassador Gamez Wave 1 closed on Dec 27. Registration for Wave 2 will open soon. Please stay tuned.

Some Gamez Resources

SKALE Press Kit - contains the SKALE logo and brand guidelines

SKALE Website

SKALE Whitepaper

SKALE Technology Primer

SKALE Key Attributes Paper

SKALE Technical Highlights


SKALE Twitter

SKALE Telegram